Determine Your Risk

Know4No™ Cancer Risk Quiz

Dr. Mel has designed a brief 10-question cancer risk self-assessment.  This quiz can predict if you have an average or an increased risk of developing cancer. If you have an increased risk, you will be invited to discover your risk-based screening recommendations and cancer prevention options. 

We call this questionnaire our Know4No™ tool.  This tool emphasizes that in order to optimize your chances of having NO cancer, you must first KNOW your risk.

Would you like to take our FREE Cancer Risk Self-Assessment to determine Your Personal Cancer Risk?


Check out how healthy you really are…

Dr. Mel has a 360-wellness model for health, which includes three intricately linked domains:

  • Longevity (physical health)
  • Serenity (emotional, spiritual, and social wellbeing)
  • Prosperity (financial and occupational wellness, and abundance mindset)

If you would like to discover which areas may have subconscious blocks getting in your way to achieving your optimal health, then this session is for you!

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