“When we heal ourselves, everything else falls in place, when we start with ourselves, the world follows, and together we achieve so much more!”
Dr. Mel, Physician Founder, Cancer Prevention Movement


Start with Yourself

Learn what your cancer risk is and what you can do to minimize it

Discover your current overall wellbeing, and start optimizing your health


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We are currently setting up the following funds for charitable contributions. In the meantime, feel free to Contact Us to let us know that you are interested in donating to benefit our Vision and Mission. 

  • Community Fund – to be used to support consultation and/or coaching for underserved individuals
  • Research Fund – to be used to support young scientists who are conducting research in cancer causes, prevention, early detection, and/or risk assessment
  • Education Fund – to be used to support our events, webinars, instructional programs, and other educational activities
  • Operational Fund – to be used to support the general operations of the Cancer Prevention Movement


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A Cancer-Free World

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Empowering individuals with knowledge and tools to
minimize their cancer risk and maintain long-term health.

Our Values

A portion of all Cancer Prevention Movement proceeds is donated to non-profit organizations
that support continued research in cancer risk, prevention, and early detection.