“When we heal ourselves, everything else falls in place, when we start with ourselves, the world follows, and together we achieve so much more!”
Dr. Mel, Physician Founder, Cancer Prevention Movement

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Learn what your cancer risk is and what you can do to minimize it

Discover where you are today in your current overall wellbeing, and start thinking about how you can optimize your health.

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Learn what your cancer risk is and what you can do to minimize it

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Donate to the Cause

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Used to support consultations and/or coaching for underserved individuals (has family member of known cancer risk susceptibility gene mutation and/or high risk environmental/lifestyle exposures who meet poverty definition and demonstrate high motivation and commitment)

Research Fund

Used to support young scientists who are enrolled or are faculty at an accredited university who are studying any of the following underfunded areas of cancer research: i) causes of cancer, ii) how to prevent cancer, iii) how to detect cancer early, and iv) how to accurately predict cancer risk—all need to show potential for public impact (10% of for profit proceeds will be donated here; will need to set up a study section for scientific peer review prior to our programmatic review)

EduCation Fund

Used to support our events, webinars, instructional programs, scholarships and other educational activities

Operational FUND

Used to support the general operations of the Cancer Prevention Movement (eg. rent/mortgage, utilities, salaries/benefits)…

Staff Fund

Contracts sponsors, charitable giving, affiliate partners; helps with grants; tradeshow participation, etc

Special Projects Fund

Added as they come up; can write grants or create directed fundraisers for these