Health Coaching

Current fast food and sedentary living trends have led to a population health crisis. Today approximately 75% of Americans are at least overweight, and nearly 50% of American adults are obese [1]. In addition, stress is reported to be the Health Epidemic of the 21st century, affecting nearly 67% of Americans [2].

Many people don’t know that 13 different types of cancer are associated with obesity. In addition, stress affects our immune system, and healthy immunity protects us from cancer. Other chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are linked to obesity and/or stress, as well.

Maintenance of a healthy body weight with good nutrition and physical activity, matched to each individual’s age, preferences, and capabilities, is key to managing cancer risk, as well as preventing or reversing other diseases. In addition, healthy stress management with mindfulness-based practices can help improve wellbeing, health, and longevity.

Studies have shown that most people, without the support of a coach, will regain any weight they have lost, return to prior unhealthy habits, and revert to old ways of thinking and relating to life stressors [3].

What is 360 Wellness?

Our 360-wellness program provides support for individuals committed to achieving optimal health by addressing three intricately linked domains of wellbeing:

Our aim is to support you in discovering which areas you may have subconsciously blocked. By bringing those deep-seated blocks to the surface, we can support you in addressing each of them in a holistic and coherent way, to maximize your success in achieving your goals 


As your Health Coach, Dr. Mel and team will be there to guide you for every step of your journey of integrating lifelong healthy habits that lead to true 360-wellbeing.

You can book a Discover Your 360-Wellness Session to learn more about our health coaching program, and to explore how having a health coach can benefit you.