Melanie R. Palomares, M.D., M.S.​


Qualifications & Training

1998-2003, UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON (Seattle, WA) –  Master of Science in Epidemiology, December 2002.  Senior Fellow, Clinical Cancer Genetics,  2002-2003.

1997-2002, FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTER (Seattle, WA) – Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Public Health Sciences, Cancer Prevention Research Program, 2000-2002. Clinical fellowship in Medical Oncology, 1997-2000. Board certification Medical Oncology, 2001.

1993-1997, HARBOR-UCLA MEDICAL CENTER (Torrance, CA) – Clinical fellowship in Hematology, 1996-1997. Residency in Internal Medicine, 1993-1996. Board certification Internal Medicine, 1997, and Hematology, 2000.

1989-1993, EMORY UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE (Atlanta, GA) – Doctor of Medicine, May 1993.

1984-1988, BOSTON UNIVERSITY (Boston, MA) – Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Statistics with minor in Biology, September 1988.


2007 – present, Adjunct Professor, Preventive Medicine and Internal Medicine, University of Southern California

2015 – present, Senior Medical Officer, Oncology, Covance by Labcorp

2014 – 2015, Consultant, Molecular Pharmacology, Surgical Research and Population Sciences, City of Hope

2007 – 2014, Assistant Professor, Medical Oncology and Population Sciences

2003 – 2010, Instructor, Clinical Cancer Genetics, City of Hope


  • Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG)
    • Prevention, Survivorship, and Breast Cancer Committees, 2003-14.
  • Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology (former CALGB, ACOSOG, and NCCTG),
    • Prevention Committee, 2012-14.
  • American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO), Member
    • Educational Committee, Prevention/Epidemiology Track, 2009-12.
  • American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Member



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On Cancer Risk Assessment

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On Cancer Prevention

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On Early Detection Of Cancer

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