"Unless we take action, the number of cancers diagnosed each year is set to double by the year 2050. This is unacceptable! My goal is to reverse this trend and empower you with knowledge of your own personal cancer risk, with risk-adjusted screening recommendations and prevention options, so that you may optimize your own health.” – Dr. Mel, Physician Founder, Cancer Prevention Movement
Dr. Mel, Physician Founder, Cancer Prevention Movement


This includes an in-depth analysis of your specific risk for the most common cancer types. In a 1:1 appointment with Dr. Mel, you will receive a personalized risk-based cancer screening and prevention plan for all of those cancers.

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We also offer to support clients in achieving optimal health. The initial focus is to minimizing risk for all metabolic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, as well as cancer. As initial objectives are reached, goals are progressively broadened to strive for longevity and all-inclusive wellbeing.


While many of our clients are focused on living cancer-free, others come to us from an initial motivation to avoid other metabolic diseases, like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or stroke. Therefore, some people choose to start with an Outsmart Cancer Consultation [link] and others choose to start with 360-Wellness Health Coaching (link), but all ultimately strive for longevity and all-inclusive wellbeing.

In support of all our clients on their journey to optimal health, we provide ongoing education and opportunities to practice what they have learned.

For those who have not yet chosen to become a client, they too can take advantage of these resources and opportunities to learn.

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