About Our Founder

After spending nearly two decades in academic medicine, including completing post-graduate training programs in Internal Medicine, Hematology-Oncology, Cancer Prevention Research, and Clinical Cancer Genetics, Melanie R. Palomares, M.D., M.S., affectionately known as “Dr. Mel”, founded the Cancer Prevention Movement. She uses her unique training experience to practice as a Preventive Oncologist, specializing in cancer prevention, early detection, and risk assessment.

Preventive Oncology


ONE HUNDRED MILLION – that’s how many cells make up a marble-sized tumor.  It takes a single cell 5-20 years to grow to that size.  Yet cancer is one of the top two disease-related killers in the world!  With exponential growth, waiting for a diagnosis is simply too late.  The best cure is one that starts while you are still relatively healthy.  This is the basis for Preventive Oncology.


Over two decades as a medical oncologist, first at the University of Washington and then at the City of Hope, I witnessed many patient stories.  But then my uncle died of leukemia, and my grandmother of lung cancer.  It had become personal!  So, I changed my strategy, went back to school to study epidemiology and genetics, and focused on cancer prevention, first in families with cancer-associated gene mutations.  But, only 5-10% of cancers are hereditary… I wanted more impact! 

Dr. Mel's Story​

Then came the day that changed my life: my husband was hospitalized for a drug overdose.  His addiction took us on a wild ride of financial ruin that led me to stress-related weight gain, high blood pressure, and… yes, cancer:  melanoma—cured with surgery alone, because, fortunately, I knew how to recognize it early.

Everything changed when I took a step back from taking care of everyone else and gave myself permission to take care of myself.  I began a long, slow, but deliberate path to “Physician, Heal Thyself.

On my own voyage back to health, I dug in deep, examined my own personal triggers, and realized that focusing solely on physical health behaviors is not a long-term solution.  Ultimately, stress or limiting beliefs lead to self-sabotage.  A major cause of stress is a scarcity mindset.  Indeed, this is exactly what led to my own downfall. 

Based on this personal experience, combined with my professional knowledge, I created a model of true whole health that incorporates physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, and financial wellbeing.  When all of these domains are in harmony, then we succeed, and we maintain life-long optimal health, with relatively little effort. 

I now bridge the divide between the practice of medicine and coaching to guide health-forward individuals to Outsmart Cancer, and other chronic diseases, through a comprehensive and highly personalized set of health coaching programs centered around Longevity, Serenity, and Prosperity -- what I call "360-Wellness."  

I learned from my own journey that -- when we heal ourselves, everything else falls in place, when we start with ourselves, the world follows, and together we achieve so much more!

Together, WE CAN create a Cancer-Free World. Will you join us?

To your health,

Dr. Mel

“Using comprehensive risk assessment, risk-based screening and prevention, and personalized health coaching that covers all areas of 360-wellness, you can stack the odds in your favor and Outsmart Cancer.”
Dr. Mel, Physician Founder, Cancer Prevention Movement